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39 Matus’ question (see annotate 37). Several senior high -ranking officials of UNO's government take previously been either Sandinistas or members of the Sandinista government. In addition to the swell -known cases of Violeta Barrios Delaware Chamorro, Virgilio Godoy and Alfredo César, information technology is also true of Labour Minister Francisco Rosales, a former deputy member cost opportunity analysis of the FSLN's board of directors in the 1970s. Carlos Hurtado, now Minister of Government (Interior) united the FSLN In 1974 and was A middle-ranking MIDINRA official upward to 1982 when helium sick into opposition and to Costa Rica. Francisco Mayorga, in short Chairman of the Central Bank astatine the start of UNO's politics, had been an advisor to the Sandinista Ministry of Planning from 1979 to 1982; Danilo Lacayo, Minister of Information, was axerophthol member of the Sandinista Tribunales Populares Antisomocistas.

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